Scores from Week #1 11/09/18

6:30 p.m.
Broom Goes the Dynamite def. TFI 8-6
Sweeping With Strangers def. 12 Mile Creek Red Deer Farm 9-5
Engineer Guys def. Motley Curl 8-6
Sweeping With Your Wife def. West River 8-6

8:30 p.m.
Agtegra Rockers def. Curling With Wolves 9-4
Airport Travel Center and Cafe def. Curling Me Softly 6-5
Holy Sheets def. Stone Cold 8-3
Team 3M def. For Whom the Stone Curls 9-7
Curling Cobras def. Team Pederson 8-4

T1.) Agtegra Rockers 1-0
T1.) Airport Trave Center and Cafe 1-0
T1.) Broom Goes the Dynamite 1-0 
T1.) Curling Cobras 1-0
T1.) Engineer Guys 1-0
T1.) Holy Sheets 1-0
T1.) Sweeping With Strangers 1-0
T1.) Sweeping With Your Wife 1-0
T1.) Team 3M 1-0
2.) Doc's Solid 0-0
T3.) 12 Mile Creek Red Deer Farm 0-1
T3.) Curling Me Softly 0-1
T3.) Curling With Wolves 0-1
T3.) For Whom the Stone Curls 0-1
T3.) Motley Curl 0-1
T3.) Stone Cold 0-1
T3.) Team Pederson 0-1
T3.) TFI 0-1
T3.) West River 0-1oming soon…